Sunday, 22 June 2008

Enough is enough

Last week I attended a days teaching entitled "A healthy theology of healing" by Phil Moore, based on a paper he had written for the newfrontiers Theology Forum. Whilst talking about Jesus' righteous anger against the devil, and the sickness he brings, Phil said:

"The sad truth is that the reason why so much sickness remains around us is that we acquiesce to its existence and bring no godly challenge to its pretended authority".
This is a challenging and timely statement. Too often have I accepted with quiet resignation the sickness around me and was not inwardly churned up about it as Jesus was (Jn11v33&38).

I have much to learn in the area of healing but settling for sickness without challenging it, that must end!!!

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Tim said...

Right on, Sean! Let's get after sickness. Too often healing's something we get keen on for a few weeks then forget about it. Jesus didn't forget about it; it's an important part of His Gospel. I'll try to remind you as often as I can to lay hands on people & pray for the sick - we'll see God do some remarkable things.