Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Come plant with me ...

Sunday was a strange but exciting day for our family. Six months ago we could never have imagine announcing we feel called to leave Reading and plant a church in Amsterdam.

If asked, I would have said I would be leaving Reading in a box, having had a long innings at RFC. Clearly the Lord had other steps in mind for our family:

Pr 16:9 In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.

At some point I will post a more detailed reflection on how Liz & I ‘tested the call’ – if only to further harden the decision in my mind. Faith is about grasping the invisible promise or calling of God. But because it is as yet 'unseen' (the church or the team!) I know there will be days when Liz and I will need to stand on a 'robust defense of our calling' - hence the blog posting!

But for today I want to say again how loved & valued we feel as a family. Loved & valued by God to give us a such a task – loved & valued by our fellow eldership couples & friends as they have helped us reach this decision – and loved & valued by the church as we have talked in through with you.

I do believe there will be greater kingdom advancement by us going than by us staying. It just feels sad when thinking about leaving RFC.

But it is also very exciting starting over in a beautiful place like Amsterdam. It will be fun proving that God can move our family (and others) to a major capital city and out of nothing bear MUCH fruit. Do prayerfully consider whether you should join the team then talk to one of the elders before you talk to me – because I will simply say 'yes'!

To listen to my message on Sunday morning click here.

To watch Terry’s teaching at Prayer and Fasting in May on our values for church planting click here.

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