Thursday, 26 June 2008

Another RFC hero

Today is Ed's last day in the office and we are marking it with pies from Sweeney & Todd's.

Ed has been on staff for the past 10 months as a Church Worker and has hoovered the office, put out chairs, run Alpha, discipled students, prayed & fasted and preached on a Sunday.

He has lent me books, help developed my thinking for sermons and amused me with his dry sense of humour!

He is moving to Washington, North Carolina to invest in his marriage preparation to Rachel. They plan to get married next summer, meanwhile Ed will work for his future father-in-law who is a pastor of a Southern Baptist Church. Once married they will attend a missions college in Nashville and from there move to a Bulgaria to support a church plant there, hopefully summer 2010.

Ed is a RFC hero because he is following the call of God on his life regardless of what it looks like to his peers. Ed is a RFC hero because he loves Jesus and is trying to put Him first in all he does. Ed is a RFC hero because he is laying down his life as best he knows how.

For these things alone, Ed is a true RFC hero.

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