Thursday, 15 May 2008

Old friends

Last night I met up with two old friends that I was at Uni with (88 - 92, Elec Eng).

Neil 'Jock' Beven was the student most likely to die by age 25 due to his lack of care when doing project work for British Nuclear Fuels. He was famous for his 'dashes' into restricted high radiation areas to recover the prototype inspection robot he was driving. Thankfully he is now 38, healthy, has two daughters, and is a mad as ever.

Rob 'the Gob' Vermeer hasn't changed. We met in the first week of the 1st year and we were founding members of the 'Arrows' drinking team. When I turned to follow Jesus, I lost all those 'friends' except Rob. But he stood by me and we did everything together: our 'year out' in Hamburg, horrible holiday jobs, we lived together and sat our finals together. And now he is happily married.

And last night we were all together again and laughed at Jock's stories ... and thanked him for picking up the tab for the meal. I like meeting up with old friends.

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