Tuesday, 20 May 2008

The root issue

Last night a cross-party attempt to ban hybrid human / animal embryos was defeated on a free vote, by 336 to 176. MPs are now debating the abortion laws and any changes that should be made in a free vote.

Health Minister Dawn Primarolo insists there is no evidence requiring the abortion laws to be changed. She said the government wanted to protect the right of women to choose. The right of the 'unborn child' to life is apparently second to the mothers wishes.

As a nation we are rightly shocked by the brutality and lack of regard for life shown to immigrants in Johannesburg. Yet our government doesn't see the parallels of 'the sanctity of ALL human life' - be it at 12 weeks in a womb or a 32 year old citizen of Zimbabwe in Jo'burg.

All life is sacred, we are all image bearers of God. No-one has the right to violence over another, no-one has the right to take another's life.

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