Friday, 23 May 2008

Just looking

Last night I was out leafleting with our cell group and I got talking to some locals. One of them turned out to be the dad of a girl we took to 'Newday youth camp' last year. Thankfully I had watched the final between Man U and Chelsea so had enough common ground to keep the conversation going!

This made me again realise the importance of the 'Just Looking' course we are starting in 10 days time, just around the corner from where he lives. It will be running in the heart of Whitley, for 4 weeks, and only 75mins each session.

So whilst we are 'out and about' next week, we have to believe that God has ALREADY been working in people. We have to believe that we will meet people who WILL come to a group meeting on their turf, led by Nicola and her team. Let's pray that people like the dad I met last night, would also meet Jesus, whilst 'Just Looking' on a Monday night.

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