Friday, 30 May 2008

In Whitley day 2

Today we did more door to door visits and also worked up on the Cowsey recreation area. We had a team of around 35 people - so a slightly bigger turn out than yesterday. In the evening we ran a youth event at the community centre.
It was wonderful to see RFC hanging out with new people - Scott, Sitho & others spent most of the time playing basketball with youth. The graffiti wall, sumo wrestling and the DJ were a hit, as was the over stocked tuck shop!!!
Dan Head told something of his story - from a 12 year old on weed to a 25 year old heroin addict with 9 prison sentences finally yielding his life to Jesus.
Sitho followed this by asking the big question of life "Who are you following? because we are all following someone". 15 young people filled out forms asking to know more about the youth activities we run.

Tomorrow we are out again with face painting, ballons and basketball & football skills - lets see how God is going to use these activities!

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