Wednesday, 7 May 2008

David found strength

I read over the weekend 2Sam30 where David returns to his camp at Ziklag (a cool name for a base) only to find it had been raided by the Amalekites. They hadn't killed anyone but did take captive all who were there. David and his men were distraught, they even talked of stoning him, such was the bitterness of their souls . "But David strengthened himself in the LORD his God".

'Strengthening yourself in the LORD' is far easier to 'read' than it is to 'do'. Pressing into God when every sinew in your body is screaming out to hide / run / flee / panic / escape is no easy thing. Being able to 'strengthen yourself in the LORD' when your world is messed up, is an activity worth cultivating. For me it involves enforced sung worship, enforced scripture reading and enforced prayer. It often starts in the enforced, but it regularly finishes in the embrace of God's grace. Jesus was the master in this activity, and He has not left us as orphans.

When I try to strenghten myself in the LORD, I often find God is quick to rush in. To be honest he rarely changes my circumstances but He does strengthen me to endure. God is good. God is the gospel.

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