Friday, 2 May 2008

Chocolate Friday

We have many great traditions in the church office: the 10:30 tea break, shorts as apparel of choice for male staff from 1st May, fridge policing and desk dancing, to name but a few. But perhaps the best one is 'Chocolate Friday'.

Throughout Friday morning previous 'Chocolate Friday' purchases are first reviewed, then graded, resulting in a clutch of chocolate options that are purchased. Today's selections were:
  • Scott - Double Decker
  • Nicola - Guylian
  • Rachel - Mars bar
  • Karen - Twix
  • Ed - Yorkie
  • Sean - Double Decker

Chocolate Friday's pinacle is 3pm when everything stops - even sermon prep - for tea and chocolate in my study (the study as the venue is a recent amendment). If you are ever around on a Friday, choose your chocolate, place your order, and head on down to the church office for 3pm...

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