Tuesday, 1 April 2008


This morning over breakfast we read Proverbs 12v1: 'Anyone who loves learning accepts being corrected. But a person who hates being corrected is stupid'. A real Godsend of a Proverb to discuss and pray about over a family meal! I was off on the importance of listening to and applying mum & dad's correction - after all, who wants to be stupid!

However, Liz and I quickly realised that this proverb applies to mum and dad as well as to our lovely children. And the truth is we don't like being corrected. We find it embarrassing, it jars and exposes us. In one sense we would much prefer to flee correction and all that it implies. But that would be stupidity on display, like the sign above!

So our kids need us to model 'correction received' as well as 'correction given' - we are to prefer the pain of correction rather than the pain of adult stupidity on display. Life is never straight forward but thankfully the future is glorious ...

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