Friday, 18 April 2008

Man Flu

So last Friday, on the journey home from New Word Alive, I start feeling rough. I valiantly kept going for church on Sunday (we men can be heroic) then crashed this week. Rubbish.

What is it with manflu? I started bravely, listening to sermons and trying to finish a few books. But eventually my brain shut down and I got bored, fed up, and overdue on personal hygiene routines. Thankfully I am now out of the 'pit' and Liz has 'burnt / environmentally disposed of' the remaining bed linen.

But what has been really annoying is that this school holiday has been a washout in terms of dad time. First I was away, then sick. Dad time has consisted of brief snuggles, a few guest appearances at dinner & the unseen source of 'the cough'.

All my great thoughts and reflections of New Word Alive now need to resurface. Like the crab I stalked and caught in wales, but then set free, so shall my thoughts from NWA run free amongst the rock pools of the blog-o-sphere. (I really do need to get out again).

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