Sunday, 20 April 2008

I love church life

So I arrived at church today long after the set up teams but before the 9:50 deadline (when most visitors arrive). Whilst technically still gripped by manflu and coughing like a diesel Lada, I was able to pitch up and be blessed by being with our church.

Richard picked up my preach today and did a fine job. The church lunch was set up, run and cleared up without an official 'team leader'.

The band yet again turned up early at the office, picked up instruments and dropped them back again - presumably after 2pm. Kids church and creche were back in action, and all smiles as I dropped off and picked up my children.

And here is my point. I have been out of church life all week and feeling pretty fed up. But even though my week will be rated 2/10, I was able to gather with the church and be carried by other people's faithful service to Jesus. God's plan is good.

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