Thursday, 24 April 2008

God is the Gospel

This week I started 'God is the Gospel' by John Piper. It's a great read but a chapter a day is probably enough if you want to avoid being swamped!

It has been so helpful to see again what the good news of the gospel really is. It is not primarily about getting our sins forgiven, or being justified before God (exchanging our sins to Christ and Him imputing us with His righteousness). The focus of the gospel is not how we can deal with our sense of guilt or avoiding hell but gaining heaven. The good news is not primarily about living a victorious life and earning rewards to be enjoyed eternally.

The good news of the gospel is God Himself. Being able to know Him, to treasure Him, to have access to Him. The good news is that we can now approach Him and enjoy Him forever. Now that is worth being reminded of!


Richard Walker said...

Amen!! It is a TOP book

Richard Walker said...

BTW Have you seen this:

It's wonderful.