Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Free beer at a price

Imagine the scene - we have just finished the cell overseers meeting at Pete & Sarah's house and I spot a stash of Pete's beers in the corner. The beer in question is Abbot Ale (International Beer Competition winner 2005). I casually mention that is a mighty fine ale to which Sarah replies 'Take some, Pete won't mind, I'll tell him when he gets home'.

As a bloke I am now faced with a dilemma. The accepted Good Wife Code (amongst men anyway) is never give your husband's beer away. The accepted code amongst men is 'Unauthorised acquisition of my beer will result in conflict'.

But Sarah insisted I take at least two bottles (as Pete apparently won't miss them) yet I know both the Good Wife Code and Men Code. What should I do?

I only took one bottle (in order not to offend Sarah) and have now confessed my indiscretion via this blog. The beer sits before me now, I feel no condemnation, and it is a mighty fine beer ... I will let you know the outcome of my next encounter with Mr Horne.

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