Saturday, 5 April 2008

A Braai, a Farewell and a Good God

Today I picked up Tom & Michelle's BBQ (or braai as they like to call it) as next week they fly to the other side of the world. They start a new life and I get to keep their famous Webber Kettle BBQ (which I must remember to call a braai).

Although I will get to burn food regularly with the 'Manson braai' I probably won't see the Mansons again. As I shook Tom's hand and drove away I couldn't help but feel sad that I will probably never shake his hand again...

This is another example of where being a Christian helps me process life. I feel sad because they have been part of the church from before it started. I feel sad because 7 years passed so quickly and now they are gone.

But I feel hopeful because ultimately it is God who is in control and he is good. He ultimately calls the shots and works it out through us and our decisions. He is wise and faithful and sovereign and good. He is the one who creates opportunities, He opens & closes doors, He who will provide a buyer for their house, new friends for them & their girls and a new church family.

So yes I am sad they are going but I know God is sovereign and He is good, and that helps me process the emotions. I just need to do them proud and not burn too much on their braai ...

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