Monday, 21 April 2008

Apparently 'I am worth it'.

After school today, in a short playground ceremony, Joshua presented me with a sachet of L'Oreal Vita Lift: an intense double action anti-ageing Cream. Apparently it should make my skin feel firmer and the appearance of my wrinkles should be visibly reduced.

I had to admit, the packaging is an innovative design, by simply folding and tearing, it should deliver in perfect balance, both an Anti-sagging Gel with an Anti-wrinkle Cream. Engineeringly very cool.

What is not cool is this is now my future, the target of nonsense products with ridiculous tag lines like 'You're worth it'. Had I more time, I would get a good rant going on why products like this are NOT worth it, I am NOT worth it, how ageing is normal and how attached I am to my 'crows feets' & 'laughter lines'.

That said, my son's gag was funny and brought much hilarity to family life ... as will the sachet's 'Grande Opening'.

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