Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Would the real Sean Green stand up.

So much clamours for my attention: bills, house maintenace, my training, problems, deadlines, meetings (in all there forms) etc etc. To compound this, I find that I am also generating a fair amount of noise: my goals, my responsibilities, my tasks, my dreams, my fears! With all this going on I sometimes find it all too easy to start to drift and not lead myself well.

So I have been working on leading myself better: to let the real Sean Green (the new creation, born again and filled with the Holy Spirit) have the loudest, clearest voice (and not the old distracted Sean Green).

Basically I want to be all about Jesus - I want to be a fanatic for Him and after Him. What I mean is when faced with the clamour of life, decisions, fears, or a character development moment (i.e everyday life), I want to let the real Sean, the wanabe Jesus fanatic, to lead me.

I am a follower of Christ, I am destined to have 'life to the full' and therefore must be at the rudder of my life with confidence and clarity. I need to let the real Sean Green stand up and lead me.

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