Monday, 3 March 2008

We held hands but didn't kiss

So the Reading 1/2 marathon is done. Liz came down with a flu thing on Saturday and had a fevered night ... not classic pre-race preparation. At 10 miles we were still on track for her target time but then Liz faded and we ended up coming in at 1:43:13. Liz was relieved to have finished and was quicker than last year but gutted all the same (Especially as we have done faster 13 mile training runs!).

#1 Watching the fire in the field that was caused by the starter gun.
#2 Running with Liz even though she didn't say anything at all ... for 13.1 miles.
#3 Seeing so many friends as we ran the course.
#4 Holding Liz's hand as we crossed the finished line.

Low light:
#1 Not getting a kiss until we left the stadium (but it was worth waiting for).


Dan said...

Hey Sean, well done to you and Liz especially if Liz wasn't feeling well. The photos are available now from . My photos are quite good but I don't look at all impressed to be having my photo taken during my brief period of walking after 11.5 miles! (I'm bib number 1762)

Sean Green said...

Nice photos ... so what happened with walking - was it an injury or lack or training or not quite over last weeks cold?

Dan said...

Thanks. I think it was mostly down to needing the loo from the start and so foolishly deciding not to take on any water.

I felt much, much better after relieving myself and then knocking back a bottle of water and was able to run again about 5 minutes after I'd stopped even though I was sure then that I was going to have to walk all the way to the finish!

Sean Green said...

Liz had the same challenge but the loos were always full on the route so we had to keep going - much to her discomfort!

Giles said...

hey dudes - inseparable!
Wish I'd have chatted more on the way round - may have helped my last 3 miles which were painfully slow! great day though
do it again?

Sean Green said...

I up for next year for sure - so is Liz.

Giles will you be going for sub 1:35?

Pippa Simkins said...

AAh how sweet! Like the photo! Ummm I'm thinking of doing the marathon next year? Anyone up for backing me??!! Or holding my hand over the finish line!!...I'm serious now, i think i could do it with a little training - i think my time will be more like 6 hours however so if your running with me i need you to stay in pace with me! Well done you guys!

Sean Green said...

Pips - I am sure you can do it quicker than that ... you may well have you very own Mr Right by then who will willing run with you.

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