Tuesday, 25 March 2008


So with a huge pile of ironing to do I switched on Liz's ipod and listened to the first week of Mark Drisoll's series in Ruth.

He had much to say that was provocative and helpful and insightful. But the statement that has stuck was me was this one 'Ruth didn't hear from God to return with Naomi, she simply went loving Naomi and trusting in God's character'. I saw afresh that she backed herself into God and his people, and that was enough for her and can be enough for me. Very helpful.

Follow the link and listen to Ruth chapter 1, it's about an hour but well worth the time investment. http://www.marshillchurch.org/sermonseries/redeemingruth/

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thebluefish said...

I'm loving studying Ruth with staff at the moment. The opening verses are just laden with content - In the days of the judges, Famine, Moab... all of it setting the scene for the wonderful re-inclusion of the Moabites and demonstration of God's kindness through his people. And all of it in the line from Abraham to David. This is no 'book for the girls' it's for everyone!