Thursday, 6 March 2008

Newfrontiers elders & wives weekend away

This weekend we are away with Sitho & Miranda, Craig & Karena and Scott & Barbie and approx 80 other couples from various Newfrontiers churches in our region. Dave Stroud (who leads the UK team) and Steve Tibbert (who leads the London team) will both be speaking - so it should be excellent.

Weekends away as an eldership team have always been really important, if only to ensure we keep building relationally and to top-up our treasury of good times together. They are also times for hearing from God as a team; it is very rare to get the 8 of us together without having parenting or leadership responsibilities.

But they are also times when the deacon team, yet again, shine brightly. They demonstrate their maturity and responsibility by ensuring that when the church gathers she doesn't miss a beat. The deacon team make an eldership weekend away possible and for that alone I am truly grateful for them!

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