Wednesday, 19 March 2008

The Joy of Fearing God

Liz has finally finished with 'The Joy of Fearing God' by Jerry Bridges and has passed it on to me. She has been working it for ages but relinquished her copy after my constant badgering! I started it this morning and plan to do a chapter a day as part of my devotionals.

I wept reading chapter 1.

Now there is something about first reading the bible and praying that helps me engage with books with a far tender / open spirit. But after only one chapter, I can see why Liz held onto and worked this book for so long.

So I say, get a copy of the book, read chapter 1, and hear why fearing Him is 'life and health' for us.


Richard Walker said...

A timely comment!

Preview it here:

Richard Walker said...

Semon series on the same theme by the author is freely available by clicking here.