Friday, 28 March 2008

Heroes of the week

This week’s heroes has to be a family you probably haven’t met, Dave & Hanna Henson. Liz and I met them on the church planting school 7 years ago and we have kept in touch. Dave planted into Loughborough then handed the church over to move out to Tver, Russia last May (Katie Oxborrow went out to visit them).

We regularly chat on Skype and catch up with their news (Russian winter, car woes, language learning etc). But this week it was all about future moves to another Russian city and the numerous challenges to make that happen, not least financial.

Here was a guy who had a steady job, and then went to work for the church he planted. He then handed that over, moved his family to Russia, to spend two years learning language and culture in order to be able to plant in that great nation.

Dave and Hanna are my heroes because they burn with a passion to take the gospel to the nations … and are working that through.

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