Monday, 31 March 2008

God in three persons

Yesterday I picked up the April-June issue of the newfrontiers magazine. Terry's article was ever, great ... and I always take note of his book recommendations! I chuckled my way through the interview with Mark Driscoll and enjoyed the articles on God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

But it was Greg Haslam's article on our Trinitarian faith that I found most provoking. I must admit that I do get slightly irritated when people pray and they switch between Father and Son mid-sentence; as if God has a personality disorder. But Greg brought day to day Trinity implication beyond prayer and mental assent to historical Christian orthodoxy.

For example, how the Trinity should shape every day life. I have never considered that the root of oppressive relationships is the denial of Trinity. He suggests that a Philosophy of Trinity should break the boredom of regimentation - our diversity is anchored in unity.

Give it a read and enjoy the wonder of 'God in three persons, blessed unity'!


thebluefish said...

Quality edition. Very glad to see the Trinity focus. This is good too from Sam Allbery in Oxford

thebluefish said...

Abraham, on why pastors should blog

Sean Green said...

Dave - that is so helpful and comfirms why I am blogging. I am really enjoying it and intuitively feel this is the season / opportunity to begin writing but Piper is so helpfully clear and compelling.

Thanks for posting and keep it up!