Tuesday, 18 March 2008

A small victory

On the 29th February, I wrote about 3 cars getting clamped during a church meeting and how it was another example of exploitation in our town. The clampers were acting on behalf of Reading Single Homeless Project who are a great local charity but have outsourced their carpark security to an unjust contractor (who charged £975 to release the 3 cars ... ).
This afternoon, together with LatinLink, we met RSHP and they have agreed to drop the carpark security firm and work with us on a new solution.

It is so good when common sense prevails and three organisations can work together to diminish, albeit minor, expressions of exploitation. I am hoping that we can now start to tackle the weightier expressions of exploitation in our town.

Incidentally, the girl I wrote about on that same posting has just been paid £63 for 48 hours work. She has now left that employment.