Friday, 7 March 2008

Alpha, chalk and mealie meal

Sibs Sibanda (Zimbabwe) sent through another email this week outlining how some of the money we gave them last year, is being used:
'This week we are running an Alpha leaders training week in Shona in Dotito. Alpha Zimbabwe are sending 2 guys up with 3 of our leaders from our Shona speaking church to train the guys in Dotito on how to run Alpha! Awesome hey! The best thing about it is that Reading Family Church is funding the whole thing! - materials, food, transport - everything!

Not only that but I found out on my last trip that the government schools in the area (2 primary schools and 1 high school) don't have a piece of chalk between them! The kids have no exercise books and their text books have fallen to pieces. So RFC jumped in again! We've bought each school 5 boxes of chalk and 100 exercise books for the kids. We're also planning to buy mealie meal for all the school teachers because they get paid so little. This will open incredible doors for the gospel in this entire region!

Brother, I thank God for your partnership with us in the gospel! We would not be able to do such things by ourselves.'

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