Thursday, 14 February 2008

George Whitfield rebuked!

I read this morning of a conversation between the mighty George Whitfield and a Puritan minister called William Tennent. Whitfield was speaking on the burden of his labours and his consolation that in a short time he would die and be with Christ.

Whitfield turned to Tennent and said: "Well brother Tennet, you are the oldest man among us, do you not rejoice that your time is near at hand to be with Christ?"

Mr Tennet answered "I have no wish about it".

But George Whitfield pressed him on the issue.

Mr Tennet answered "No Sir, it is of no pleasure to me at all, and if you knew your duty it would be of none to you. I have nothing to do with death; my business is to live as long as I can - as well as I can - and to serve my Lord and Master as faithfully as I can, until he should think proper to call me home."

Good answer! I now feel fully vinicated on my desire to get to 100 years old!

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