Friday, 1 February 2008

This week's top 10

  1. The Alpha course had 6 guests - we nearly cancelled it two weeks ago!
  2. The Foundations course started with 4 people
  3. 6 people were on the Joining the Family course, half of which were from other nations
  4. A church member who has addiction issues got in contact after 5 months absence
  5. Tom Riches & Chris Poston got new jobs
  6. I finished my sermon prep on Thursday afternoon!
  7. 12 youth leaders from Newfrontiers churches met in our office (I oversee the team)
  8. Nicola & Rachel finished a piece of their course work, almost...
  9. 'Actual giving' nearly met 'budgeted giving' for this month - what a great start!
  10. It's Friday afternoon and it is not raining...yet.

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