Friday, 15 February 2008

This Sunday

Well the sermon is done and sitting on my desk. I plan to teach that we have a God of second chances; what repentance looks like; and that Jonah was an example of hearing God. What I need now is Holy Spirit annointing so that we saints get built up and sinners get saved. Please pray!

The children will be looking at Jesus and that He is the giver of life. The children's ministry makes up 25% of the gathered church, so we must keep praying that they too meet with God and their lives are forever changed.

We will also being having communion together; we need to do this more often, all together and in our homes with one another.

On Sunday afternoon the RUCU mission team ( are meeting in our offices and then joining us for a joint prayer meeting at 8pm. Please do check out their website and get praying for all the events happening on campus next week.

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