Sunday, 10 February 2008

Sunday's heroes (some of them)

After another great day as RFC gathered, I think it only right to call out some of the unsung heroes that served the church so well today:
  • David & Joy Simkin on 'Tea & Toast' - a perfect cuppa!
  • Chris Pearson - studies in Southampton but turned up at 8:45 for set up.
  • Ruth Preston - her first time on the PA team.
  • Martin & Becca Craker - cooking for 30 for the deacons lunch.
  • Gary & Kay Watkins - their foster child's second Sunday with us.
  • Josh John - spent year at worship school but was happy to be hidden at the back of the stage.
  • Helen McCredie & Jenny Thomas (KC1 team) gave my daughter a great morning!
  • Everyone who spoke to the guys from Yeldhall Manor & the other visitors.
  • Mike Thomas who worked so hard on set-up and never stopped smiling!

I know I have not mentioned everyone, but these guys and the serving teams they represent, epitomise why I love being part of this church!

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