Friday, 22 February 2008

Our friends in Zim

Many of you should know that we are supporting Farayi and Cora (both medical doctors) in Zimbabwe so that they can work with the new church plants in Harare (planted from Mount Pleasant Community Church - which Sibs Sabanda leads). They have sent an email update:

"Thanks to your generous gift, we have been able to send over 30 children (all of whom have lost one or both parents) to school. But wait there is more...5 of the older children ( 18-23years) will be starting college to pursue their various dreams (ranging from interior decorating to hair dressing). This is AWESOME!!!"

"The total sum for the school and college fees for the 30 children came about 1,5 billion Zim dollars...which is just over £93 pounds. Incredible isnt it? The education system is struggling with teachers leaving for greener pastures mainly in South Africa. Text and exercise books are in short supply, as schools simple cannot afford to buy new ones. Ok, thats it for now, i just wanted to give you some insight into the areas in which you have partnered with us."

It is so good to be part of something bigger. We are sponsoring them for 8 months to see the churches established, and meanwhile they are helping people we will never meet. I love being part of our church!