Thursday, 7 February 2008

newfrontiers Prayer & Fasting

As a staff team we have just returned from two days of prayer & fasting in Peterborough. Essentially, we gathered with leaders from across newfrontiers churches in the UK to worship, pray and fast. Below I have outlined some of my highlights:
  • Being with our team amd meeting up with friends.
  • Praying for peace and stability in Kenya.
  • Hearing the guys from India and praying for their nation.
  • Praying for the church to be revived in our nation - ours included!
  • Praying for churches in rural areas / small towns.
  • Hearing again the vision to train leaders through the Leadership conference, Mobilise & Newday.
  • Pressing on to make Jesus famous.
  • Terry's input and his book recommendations!
  • Hearing stories of faith and breakthroughs and setbacks.
  • Getting prayed for and powerfully meeting the Holy Spirit.
Most of all it was a sense of the presence of God and being part of something bigger - a great two days!


thebluefish said...

Soooo glad you're praying for rural areas. I'd love to see a plant into the village of 6000 people I grew up in, where there is no gospel-loving church...

Sean Green said...

It was very stirring - approx 1/2 of the UK live in cities which mean 1/2 don't! Jesus needs to be proclaimed faithfully right across the populace!