Wednesday, 13 February 2008

I'm beginning to realise again that God is dreadful

What can I say? My eyes are being opened ever wider, to realise how awesome and dreadful our God is. The closer I get to seeing how big & uncreated He is, and how holy & powerful He is, I do get un-nerved. He is VAST. He stands apart in unapproachable light. He is unknowable (but makes himself knowable). God has never learned and will never learn. Distance and time and magnitude have no meaning with regards to Him. He can do anything as easily as anything else. There is no-where where He is not. And He is Holy. He is infinite in that He knows no bounds. He is not tame or tame-able or in need of us. He is THE proper, one off, God.
And alongside these truths, through Christ, I can know Him as Father - what a gospel! What a God! Our God is awesome and that will breed a healthy sense of fear & dread, and rightly so!

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