Sunday, 3 February 2008

I am a saint!

As I blogged earlier, I found CJ's book on humility really helpful. He is a christian leader I hugely respect and give honour to. BUT, the challenge of engaging with his book is that the subject of your own sin is constantly before you. As I read each chapter, I became increasingly aware of my own sin, matched by a growing desire to stop sinning. And here lies the subtle danger of such a great book: by being made more aware of my own sin, I could fool myself into thinking that because I sin, I must be a sinner. But I am not.

The bible says when you believe in Jesus you become a new creation. I am now clothed in Christ's righteouness. I am now seated with Him in the heavenly realms. I am now blessed in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessings in Christ. I am now marked in Him with a seal, I am now a child of God; justified, redeemed, adopted, positionally seated with Christ (You must read Eph 1 & 2).

Yes I sin but my indentity is no longer as a sinner, my old 'sinner' self died and was buried with Christ. I am now a new spiritual being, in fact the bible uses the word 'saint'. I am now alive to God in Christ Jesus (Roman 6!), I am a saint. A saint who sins, but a saint nonetheless. Now that is worth blogging about.


thebluefish said...

Woop! I've been enjoying Trevor Burke's NSBT Adopted into God's family. You're a saint. Moreover you're a SON!!! C'MON! That's what I call finding joy.

Dan Bowen said...

Yes awesome post and very helpful comments! Thanks, I too have been struggling with the aftermath of reading "Humility" and tried to connect the issue to the ultimate power of the Cross;

(Sorry don't know how to add links like Dave B!). But your post is fab and really helpful! What a thing to rejoice over! What a thing to celebrate! We may sin ... but we are saints!

Sean Green said...

Hi Dan - It was good to find another person who has benefited form Rob Rufus' teaching (from your blogs) He was with us for a week two years ago and I am stil living in the good that time. He wonderfully opened the door to Jesus and the Holy Spirit for me.