Thursday, 7 February 2008

Have you met Aidan?

I have recently been introduced to a certain man called Aidan Wilson Tozer.

This morning he said this: "Sin has many manifestations but its essence is one. A moral being, created to worship before the throne of God, sits on the throne of his own selfhood and from that elevated position declares 'I AM'. That is sin in it's concentrated essence".
- The Knowledge of the Holy, chapter 5

Wow - and that was me! I still feel relief when I revisit aspects of what I have been saved from i.e. me on the throne of my life (although I can still sometimes feel it is a nice place to sit - that is until I consider our Holy God!). Thankfully the gospel has lifted me out of the total mess of my original condition and thinking.

I think I am going to enjoy listening to my new friend Aidan ...

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