Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Adultery, hovercrafts & dorky dads

It's been a full day.

As a family we are working through Proverbs over breakfast. This morning we arrived at Proverbs 5:1-6, the first of many such warnings about adultery. I am not sure how much our 3 year old took in, nor am I sure how much our 9 year old should understand of the horrors of adultery. But I am convinced children need to be exposed to the whole counsel of God and if that makes for uncomfortable questions over porridge, then so be it.

We then set off for the the Isle of Wight - crossing the solent by hover-craft which was fantastic! The cherry on the cake was coming back, the tide was out at Ryde so we had the first mile on sand before we hit the sea!

Whilst at Ryde we visited the Ice Rink where I joined the ranks of dorky looking dads trying to keep up with their kids (and not look dorky). Had I not been so concerned with messing up and falling over, I am sure I would have enjoyed it more. Here then lies the lesson - the older I get the more concerned I am with the consequences of failing and the less fun I have. I didn't fall over, not once, but then neither did I leave the rink having had as much fun as my kids did. I leave it to you to draw your own conclusions as to what i will do differently next time.

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