Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Vision Morning 2008

Well, it was all that I hope the day would be. Kat's new song was fantastic and faith rose each time we sang out those wonderful words! I sensed again our joy in Him and also God's pleasure in us, as we gave thanks for all that He did in us throughout 2007.
I also enjoyed the atmosphere of Sunday night; the expectation, the fun and seriousness of our mission, and the sense of our unity.
If you couldn't make Sunday morning please do listen to the sermon on the website. If you weren't there in the evening, I thought it would be helpful to add a summary of the evening Members' Meeting.

Challenges of 2008:
  • Staffing & ministry leaders - Ed moving on, my sabbatical, future year teamers, and the leadership opportunities for Alpha, Creche, Kids church & Students.

  • Finance - 21% YoY growth for 2008.

  • Back pressure of growth - Adding new people, Values caught rather than activities copied, Serving & Giving.

  • Facilities - Reading Girls' School availability over the summer & our facilities needs assessment document.

  • Discipleship - Cell life, membership, Foundations, Freedom in Christ, Brighton Conference & church weekend away.
There really isn't another place I want to be other than with you guys, as we endeavour to display the multicoloured wisdom of God to the heavenly realms as Reading Family Church.

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