Thursday, 3 January 2008

Rockets in Windsor & heading towards 400

Well 2008 is under way and already I have been in trouble with local authorities. Apparently you are not allowed to fire rockets in Windsor Great Park ( I did, however, manage to fire one off before being reprimanded). I am hoping that this minor infringmenent may in one sense, be a foretaste of things to come.

Us working to double our church will inevitably create a stir and bring us into confrontation with spiritual powers, authorities and rulers (Eph 6). Seeing hundreds gather for the glory of God will not always be understood, appreciated or unopposed. But unlike the rocket episode, we must have no intentions of being compliant, rather to continue on our planned activities that build the church! There is something about the glory of God and His kingdom advancing that propels us towards growth and subsequent conflict with darkness. Our victory has been won, our righteouness secured, and the harvest fields are ripe.

On Sunday 20 January we have our vision day. I am preaching in the morning on what God has called us to, and in the evening we will be looking in detail at church finances, facilities, staff and a few more things. Do plan to get along to both meetings, it will be a key day for us!

You never know, I might even launch another rocket ... check them out

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