Friday, 25 January 2008

It's OK for me to cry ... sometimes

So this morning's devotional time was 'a good one'. From the first two chapters of Exodus I was caught up into God's big story. With Jacob's & Joseph's stories still fresh in my mind, I was swept into Moses, then David and finally to Jesus. And then there was me, in my bedroom, alone with God, full of Joy because Jesus was present and His arms were around me. And I cried.
I do Triathlon because no-one cries (if they do its because of pain) and no-one hugs you. I do Triathlon because there is pain, endurance, kit, a sense of achievement, but no emotional tears. I do Triathlon because no-one tries to hug me.
But when I encounter Jesus, I melt and am released from all my junk. So I cried this morning, alone, in the presence of my wonderful Saviour, with His arms around me. So I have concluded it's OK for me to cry .... in my devotional time. A small breakthrough, but a breakthrough none-the-less.

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