Monday, 7 January 2008

Finding Joy

Ed Goode passed on a book to me just before Christmas and I took it home as a bit of an after thought. I am so grateful to God I did. The book is entitled 'Finding Joy - a radical rediscovery of grace' by Marcus Honeysett. There is something about God's grace that is moreish and Marcus gripped me with his biblical richness, his passion for the church and his clarity regarding reigning in life through grace. I had to limit my reading of the book, I felt I was greedily devouring each page and not chewing it enough. Somehow I managed to stretch it out over three days ... his final chapter gives a great summary:
  • Romans 6:1-14 BELIEVE that you are dead to sin, having died with Jesus. Believe you are raised to life with Jesus, Believe he is your new master and that he is without sin.
  • Romans 6:15 - 23 BEHAVE as someone who is a slave, not to sin but to God. Obey all he says in the bible. Determine that every one of your actions, as far as possible, will be offered to righteousness and not to sin.
  • Romans 7:1-7 RELATE to God as someone engaged to a new bridegroom - Jesus Christ! Relate to Jesus in love, in affections, in will and in delight for having such a perfect heavenly bridegroom.
  • Titus 2:11-12 RECEIVE grace. Grace teaches us to say no to sin by replacing it with a stronger desire for God. Pray for it every day. Give thanks for it. Yearn to know more of it. This is reigning in life.

The place we go for our life, growth and sanctification is not the law but the gospel. The death of Christ and the work of the spirit are not meant to provide the power to go back to the old list, only this time getting it right. They free us from the old list to live by the Spirit.

Toptastic ... just the reminder I needed for the start of a new year.


thebluefish said...

It's an awesome book by one of my fave grace people. And, btw - great to see another of them start blogging - welcome to the world of blog!

Cat said...


I am currently reading this book now! And its been a fantastic reminder of the richness of God's Grace!! :o)!

Marcus said...

Browsing the Christian blogsphere idly, when I came across your post Sean. So blessed to know you found the book helpful.

Grace, Marcus