Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Failing but not a failure

I am still walking with my good friend Mr Jerry Bridges. Today he reminded me not to be discouraged by my failures (which can seem many and often) and that there is a vast difference between failing and failure. We become a failure when we give up - when we stop trying. But as long as I am working on my sinful habits, regardless of how often I fail, I have not become a failure. And I can expect progress.
Pursuing holiness can feel like an uphill struggle but at least it is not me doing it in my strength alone, the Holy Spirit is working within me. Yes I fail, but by God's grace, I am NOT a failure. What a gospel! What a Saviour!


thebluefish said...

'grace means permission to fail, grace means look at Jesus and live'

Sean Green said...

Oh yes - grace is my lifeblood. And Jesus is my righteouness, just typing it puts a smile on my face. What a gospel. What a Saviour.