Monday, 28 January 2008

Another great prayer meeting

Last night's prayer meeting reminded me again why I love being part of this church. I am stilled mildly surprised how many people turn up to seek God's face & favour on behalf of the church. My surprise stems from comments from fellow pastors who bemoan their prayer meeting attendance & atmosphere. Ours however, by God's grace, seem to be in a season of growth and faith.
Last night we spent time praying into some of this year's challenges and we were led into focusing on this summer's 'Facilities' challenge. Effectively we can't meet at the school for 5 weeks. But in the midst of a prayer meeting, a Facilities issue can become a training opportunity; no venue could mean an opportunity to go multi-site for 5 weeks (in 2/3 different venues simultaneously). This would open up fresh ways for more people to serve. We do need to prayerfully review this solution, as it creates all manner of logistical challenges (multiple set-up teams, preachers, bands, PA etc). But what I love is the faith-filled flexibility that comes from ideas shaped in a prayer meeting. Actually, it is God's problem to solve and prayer meeting are a great place to seek and hear His solutions. So yet again, I have to state, it was a great, faith-filled, flexible thinking, prayer meeting.

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