Sunday, 30 December 2007

Some highlights of 2007

Its been a great year, hard at times but much to give thanks for:

  • Sitho becoming an elder and the church growing in her diversity.
  • Craig calling for Joe Kerr & then Joe King to come into membership on Sunday 1 April ... a classic moment perfected by his innocence.
  • Being in Zimbabwe with 13 other RFC people - a great team to share the experience with.
  • Being with another 20 RFC people at the Brighton conference - pure indulgence.
  • My hilarious debut with Radio Berkshire - I still get cold shivers remembering it!
  • Travelling with David Devenish to Crimea, and the people I met at the Islamic Conference.
  • Being asked the name of our church by someone we took to Newday - proof that we are involved in our local community!
  • RFC Tri Team breaking 1:15 barrier at Thames Turbo Sprint Race.
  • Having a bigger staff team and getting a study back again.
  • Averaging over 200 people on a Sunday morning.
  • Terry Virgo preaching with us and the elders having lunch with him.
  • Other churches using our facilities for meetings - we are growing up.
  • Annual church weekend away Soft Ball match - 'Old Dogs' drew with the 'Young Pups' - very helpful on the church unity front.
  • Numerous babies being born ... the creche was getting way too quiet on a sunday morning.
  • RFC breaking even finanically - I hope...

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